Author:Vishal Doshi


Blackjack Legends: Bill Kaplan and J.P. Massar

Bill Kaplan and Massar J. P. basis of what is the most famous teams in the history of counting cards -MIT Blackjack Team. Interestingly, the two Americans gathered in a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts at each site. Massar is black Kaplan include a restaurant and went to the show, there begins our story.

Change Things

Harvard MBA Bill Kaplan successful readers as a student at MIT, P. J. Massar met. He has successfully played and that has led to thousands of dollars in 1970, but the team is tired of the casino in Las Vegas, and I wanted him to Europe and the rest of the world. Kaplan was not interested, that he left his former team.

Massar was not nearly as successful as Kaplan count cards and it really does help MBA graduates. Luck supports Massar because Kaplan left the former Blackjack Team, and played in a local group to look for.

After Massar went to Atlantic City and other MIT students that the game can not see that use a lot of card reading errors, such as various schemes to get lost in Paris, claiming that it is a mathematical formula that is not correct and in time the blackjack table. Based on this observation, Bill Kaplan, and Massar friends say that you were injured, and he agreed to train if you follow the rules and the curriculum.

The Winning Combination

Players reluctantly agree Kaplan, event, running, and to train them all together, while the system of counting cards blackjack is used evenly. The result is a great success that the MIT Blackjack Team[1] to develop a profitable business. There are investors who have risked team - to win 250% of the investment - while a student looking at about $80 an hour.

In most cases, the gambling blackjack counter, a 4% 2% live in the house, but the in-service training methods and practices of the MIT Blackjack Team, you will have an edge over the casino is 4% higher (mixture). An 80-year-old team of 70 players profitable over time.

For some time, Kaplan left the game Massar counting cards back into shape, which is related to the early 90s, a strategic investment. MIT Blackjack team is now worth more than ever before, and now has 80 members in the millions of dollars in revenue. But like all good things, the team ended with a few casinos did everything they were in power - including the private detective work - it's a big network cards counting complete. In 1993, strategic investments and final dividends paid dissolved.